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Harper Oil Products

PO Box 6325

Florence, KY


Office: 859-283-1001

Email: info@harperoil.com

World Class Products & Services

Since 1955

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Harper Oil will help keep your home "toasty-warm" during the cold winter days with our home heating fuels.  Our product and service program is detailed at the right.

Harper Oil's Home Heating Product & Service Program

- Oilheat Fuels - Powered by Clearburn Science

- Automatic Keep Full / Degree Day Servicing

- Budget Billing Plans

- Radio-Dispatched Trucks

Fast Facts about Oilheat

There are approximately 10 million oil-heated homes in the U.S.

- Approximately 350,000 oil-heated homes were built in the last decade.

- The efficiency levels of today's oilheat systems can exceed 90%

- Clearburn Science has made oilheat 99.9% clean.

- For every gallon of oil burned, a whopping 138,000 BTU's are generated.

- The chance of an underground storage tank leak are much lower than 1%.

- Oil companies received a rating of 94% for friendly and fast service.

Tips for Added Oilheat Convenience

- Don't wait until it's cold before arranging for service from an oil company.

- Keep your tank full in the summer to prevent condensation from forming inside the tank.

- Get a professional tune-up to increase the efficiency and cleanliness of your heating system.

- Take advantage of oilheat's versatility.  Oil is now used in radiant floor heating systems; for warming pools and spas; and for melting snow from driveways.

Call us at 800-433-0675 to discuss your needs with one of our representatives or send an e-mail to sales@harperoil.com