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Products | Lubricants, Specialty Fluids, and Greases

Lubricant Brands



Lubricants, specialty fluids, and greases for virtually any application and operating environment, including:

- Commercial Equipment

- Industrial Equipment

- Marine

- Forestry / Paper Production

- Food-Grade / Pharmaceutical


Harper Oil distributes advanced, high-performance lubricants, specialty fluids, and greases along with providing outstanding on-site technical services and support.

Chevron and Petro-Canada are North America's largest producers of Group II, II+, and III base oils.

These base oils, blended with specially selected additive packages, produce reasonably priced lubricants and greases that last longer and give better wear protection than conventional mineral oils and some synthetics.

Call us at 800-433-0675 to discuss your needs with one of our representatives or send an e-mail to sales@harperoil.com

Equipment and Ancillary Products

Harper Oil offers loaned and direct-sale of storage totes and tanks, equipped with pumps and delivery nozzles as required.

We also carry a complete line of lubrication-related equipment such as grease guns, keg and drum pumps, desiccant breathers, and sorbents.

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