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Technical Services | Lubrication Survey

Harper Oil offers two levels of plant / mobile equipment lubrication surveys to our customers in which we match the proper lubricants and products to your equipment based on your business objectives.

A Level I Survey gives you an easy to use reference card showing groups of your equipment and the proper lubricants for each component on the equipment.  These surveys are generally suited to off-highway equipment owners or plants with very few pieces of equipment.

Our Level II Survey is suitable for large plants and industrial facilities with a complex mixture of equipment and gives very specific details regarding equipment and lubricant application.

Proper Lubricant Selection and Application

First, we utilize the equipment's specific L.E.T.S. variables to determine the proper lubricant.  L.E.T.S. is an acronym for:





Once the proper lubricant is selected, we apply the "Four R's" for successful operation of your equipment:

Right Lubricant (developed with L.E.T.S. variables)

Right Amount

Right Place

Right Time


The data in the Level I and Level II Surveys is presented in easy-to-read tables and can easily be incorporated into your existing CMMS/PM software as well as posting directly at the equipment site for easy reference by maintenance personnel.


Lubrication Survey Examples

Level I Survey

Level II Survey

Please review the examples of our surveys shown at the left and call us at 800-433-0675 to discuss your needs with one of our representatives or send an e-mail to techservices@harperoil.com.