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Technical Services | Fluid Management & Filtration

Fluid Management


Fluid Management is one of the most powerful tools to reduce maintenance costs, increase production capacity, and ensure equipment reliability.  Scheduled, routine fluid analysis is the core of this program.  If indicated, we'll incorporate one of our WatchDog Technical Services Inspection Programs into your Fluid Management Program to maximize results.  Our representatives will utilize their extensive field experience to align proper products and services to your equipment that are consistent with your operating conditions and business objectives.

Fluid Filtration | Contamination Control - Saves Money, Reduces Operating Costs, and Maximizes Equipment Life

With the Harper Oil Contamination Control Program you can:

  • Increase Equipment Uptime

  • Increase component life

  • Improve machinery reliability

  • Lower component inventory

  • Filter fluids while production continues (in many cases) without downtime

  • Reduce maintenance and service time

  • Reduce used fluid disposal costs

Did You Know?

Manufacturing plants in the United States spend over $4,000,000,000 per year repairing and replacing equipment due to fluid contamination-related failures.

Over HALF of all component replacements due to wear are caused by particulate and/or moisture in fluids.

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