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Technical Services | Condition Monitoring / Equipment Inspection

Just like the human body; your plant, fleet, and mobile equipment needs regular check-ups and occasional problem solving visits to maintain maximum "health."  Harper Oil provides condition monitoring and inspection services through the WatchDog Inspection Program.

Harper Oil Technical Services are delivered by trained field representatives with experience in a variety of industries and operating environments.  Our programs and services, coupled with the extensive Chevron and Petro-Canada product lines, allow us to help you maximize your equipment performance while minimizing maintenance expenses. 

Several basic inspection services, shown below, create the core of the WatchDog Inspection Program.  These inspections can be adapted to virtually any application.

Let us show you how we can help improve your equipment maintenance program with a Basic Plant Audit and Lubricants Review.


WatchDog Technical Services - Condition Monitoring / Inspection Programs

Hydraulic & Circulating System Inspection

Gear Inspection

Contamination Control Inspection

Fluid Leak Detection

Please review our inspection offering and call us at 800-433-0675 to discuss your needs with one of our representatives or send an e-mail to techservices@harperoil.com.