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Bulk Storage, Handling, and Dispensing Equipment

Harper Oil offers heavy-duty tanks and related equipment designed by American Lubrication Equipment.  Packages are available for industrial plant lubrication as well as automotive and commercial equipment repair facilities.

Air-Sentry® Desiccant Breathers

Studies show that 50% of equipment failure is due to contaminant ingression.  Reduce the possibility of lubricant-related failures by installing Air-Sentry® desiccant breathers.  Air entering your equipment will be free of moisture and filtered to 2-microns.

Sealed Lubricant Delivery Systems

With proper storage and handling techniques, Chevron's ISOCLEAN branded Oil-Safe® delivery containers ensure that oil being added to your equipment is as clean as possible.

A complete line of drums, lids, and delivery nozzles are available.

General Lubrication Equipment

A full-range of industrial-strength grease guns, pail & keg pumps, and other related equipment is available to ensure proper lubricant application.

Fluid Spill Containment and Clean-Up

Oil-Dri® and other sorbents help you keep a clean, safe shop and production floor.  Harper Oil offers a wide range of these products for your facility.


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