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Harper Oil Products

PO Box 6325

Florence, KY


Office: 859-283-1001

Email: info@harperoil.com

World Class Products & Services

Since 1955

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Harper Oil Products, Inc., formerly known as Bobby L. Harper Distributing Co. Inc., is a wholesale distributor of petroleum products.  Specifically the company markets gasoline, diesel and lubricants to service station and convenience store dealers, commercial/industrial accounts, government agencies, railroads, utilities, agricultural accounts, home heating customers, marine accounts and other distributors.  The company does this from the two offices it operates in Florence and Maysville, KY.  “Light product,” i.e., gasoline and distillate storage, is maintained at the Maysville bulk plant.  The Florence facility only maintains a small amount of storage for the purpose of fueling the power tanks of the company’s own fleet.  The tank trucks based in Florence load their product directly from the supplier’s tanks.  The company is a branded supplier of Marathon Petroleum light products and Chevron and Petro-Canada lubricants. The company’s roots go back to 1955 when its founder, Bobby L. Harper, began running a Standard Oil service station.  Harper Oil owns no real estate.  Harper Oil is a party to a lease of a convenience store co-branded with a McDonald’s Restaurant that is leased by others in Owenton, KY.  The Florence Bulk Plant is owned by Bobby L. Harper, personally, and Harper Oil leases it from him.  The Maysville bulk plant is leased from Harper Oil’s sister company Harper Properties, Inc.

Harper Properties, Inc. was formed in 1992 in preparation for the purchase of retail facilities being divested by Chevron Products Co.  The company currently owns seven and leases five pieces of real estate from others.  Of the seven that are owned, one is not in use (a former bulk plant site in Carrollton, KY that was previously leased to Harper Oil Products and which still contains a vacant warehouse and office).  The other six owned properties include: the bulk plant in Maysville, KY leased to Harper Oil Products; and five convenience stores that are company operated by Harper Properties.  Two of these five stores also contain Dairy Queen Restaurants, one of which is leased out to a tenant and the other which is company operated.  The five properties leased from others include a convenience store in Verona, KY, which is owned by Bobby L. Harper; one property in which Harper Properties owns the convenience store building but maintains long term land lease in Carrollton, KY; and Harper Properties operates the convenience store in Owenton, KY that is leased by Harper Oil Products from the landowner and is co-branded with a McDonalds Restaurant that is leased and operated by others.  Harper Properties is owned by the same two shareholders in the same percentages as Harper Oil Products (B. Stephen Harper and Larry D. Harper).

Harper Oil operates its own fleet and also insures many personal vehicles owned by key employees.  Drive other car coverage is required for the following:  B. Stephen Harper; Larry D, & Shirley J. Harper; Kevin Harper; and Todd Harper.

Both companies place a great deal of emphasis on operating in a safe and environmentally sound manner.  The enclosed policies attest to this fact.  Policies and procedures are constantly being revised and honed to improve our record in these areas.  Any advice or counsel from other parties on additional enhancements is always welcome and appreciated.